Princess Dagmar of Denmark (Dagmar Louise Elisabeth; 23 May 1890 – 11 October 1961) was a member of the Danish royal family. She was the youngest child and fourth daughter of Frederick VIII of Denmark and his wife, Princess Louise of Sweden and Norway.

Early life

Princess Dagmar's birthplace, Charlottenlund Palace, photographed in 2006

Princess Dagmar was born on 23 May 1890 at her parents' country residence, the Charlottenlund Palace north of Copenhagen, during the reign of her paternal grandfather, King Christian IX.[1] She was the eighth and youngest child and fourth daughter of Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark and his wife Louise of Sweden.[1] Her father was the eldest son of King Christian IX of Denmark and Louise of Hesse-Kassel, and her mother was the only daughter of King Charles XV of Sweden and Norway and Louise of the Netherlands. She was baptised with the names Dagmar Louise Elisabeth and was known as Princess Dagmar, named after her paternal aunt, Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia, who was born Princess Dagmar of Denmark.[1]

Princess Dagmar as child.

Princess Dagmar was raised with her siblings in the royal household in Copenhagen, and grew up between her parents' city residence, the Frederick VIII's Palace, an 18th-century palace which forms part of the Amalienborg Palace complex in central Copenhagen, and their country residence, the Charlottenlund Palace, located by the coastline of the Øresund strait north of the city.

Marriage and descendants

She was married in Fredensborg, Denmark, on 23 November 1922 to Jørgen Castenskjold (Copenhagen, 30 November 1893 – Rungsted, 21 November 1978), son of Anton Castenskiold (1860–1940), Royal Danish Court Chamberlain, and wife Sophie Steensen-Leth (1870–1947), both belonging to Danish Nobility.[1] They had five children:

  • Carl Frederik Anton Jørgen Castenskjold (Kongstedlund, Denmark: 13 November 1923-14 April 2006) married Bente Grevenkop-Castenskiold (5 April 1927-22 May 2003) on 23 October 1948 and they were divorced in 1963. They have three children.
  • Christian Ludwig Gustav Fritz Castenskjold (Kongstedlund, Denmark: 10 July 1926) married Cecily Abbots (10 August 1927-26 February 2019) on 11 November 1952. They have one daughter.
  • Jørgen Frederik Aage Erik Helge Castenskjold (Kongstedlund, Denmark, 16 March 1928–Næstved, 4 May 1964) married Kirsten Schlichtkrull (24 March 1934) on 14 July 1956 and they were divorced in 1958. They have one daughter. He remarried Birgit Tingstedt (3 September 1932) on 17 October 1959. They have one daughter.
  • Dagmar Louise Thyra Sophia Castenskjold (Kongstedlund, 11 September 1930–Solrød, 12 July 2013) married Poul Bitsch (5 October 1930-21 October 1967) on 4 April 1950. They have three children. She remarried Ole Larsen in 1972.
  • Christian Frederik Castenskjold (21 August 1931-4 November 1937)


Princess Dagmar died on 11 October 1961 at Kongstedlund, Denmark, at the age of 71, as the last surviving child of King Frederick VIII and Queen Louise.[1] She was the grandaunt of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, King Harald V of Norway, Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte of Luxembourg and Kings Baudouin and Albert II of Belgium.




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