Chemical compound

Praseodymium(III) oxide, praseodymium oxide or praseodymia is the chemical compound composed of praseodymium and oxygen with the formula Pr2O3. It forms light green hexagonal crystals.[1] Praseodymium(III) oxide crystallizes in the manganese(III) oxide or bixbyite structure.[2]



Praseodymium(III) oxide can be used as a dielectric in combination with silicon.[2] Praseodymium-doped glass, called didymium glass, turns yellow and is used in welding goggles because it blocks infrared radiation. Praseodymium(III) oxide is also used to color glass and ceramics yellow.[3] For coloring ceramics, also the very dark brown mixed-valence compound praseodymium(III,IV) oxide, Pr6O11, is used.


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