Town in Hesse, Germany

Neustadt is a town in the Marburg-Biedenkopf district in Hesse, Germany. For the town of the same name in Canada see Neustadt, Ontario.



Neustadt lies in the Middle Hessian Bergland ("Highland") at the eastern end of Marburg-Biedenkopf district.

Neighbouring communities

Neustadt borders in the north on the community of Gilserberg, in the east on the town of Schwalmstadt and the community of Willingshausen (all three in the Schwalm-Eder-Kreis), in the southeast on the community of Antrifttal, in the south on the town of Kirtorf (both in the Vogelsbergkreis), and in the west on the town of Stadtallendorf (Marburg-Biedenkopf).

Town divisions

Neustadt has, as well as the core community known as Neustadt, centres known as Mengsberg, Momberg and Speckswinkel.


Town council

After municipal elections on 26 March 2006, the town council is arranged thus:

Parties and Voter groups Share in % Seats
CDU Christian Democratic Union 59.9 15
SPD Social Democratic Party of Germany 27.6 7
REP Republicans 6.1 1
FWG Free Voter Community 6.4 2
total 100 25

Coat of arms

Neustadt's coat of arms, like many throughout western Germany, depicts Saint Martin of Tours cutting off a piece of his cloak for a poor man and the Wheel of Mainz.

Town partnerships

"Neustadt in Europe" Labour Community, 2006

Neustadt is a member of the international town friendship called the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Neustadt in Europa, which as of 2005 had 34 member towns – all named Neustadt – in five countries.

Culture and sightseeing


Junker-Hansen-Turm, Neustadt´s landmark
  • Junker-Hansen-Turm (tower), a remainder of a castle built in 1480 by the fortification building master Hans Jakob von Ettlingen; has the world's biggest half-timbered rotunda.


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