Variety of beryl

Goshenite is a colorless gem variety of beryl.[2] It is called the mother of all gemstones because it can be transformed into other like emerald, morganite, or bixbite. Goshenite is also referred to as the purest form of beryl since there are generally no other element present in the stone.[3] The gem is used as imitation for diamond or emerald by adding colored foil on it.[4]


Goshenite is named after Goshen, Massachusetts, United States, where it was first found.[5] It is also known as white beryl or lucid beryl.[6]


Goshenite is not popular in the jewelry industry because of its lack of color and it lacks brilliance, luster, or fire.[5] It is also inexpensive due to the fact it is abundant.[6]


It is most commonly found inside granite.[6] It can also be found in metamorphic rocks.[5] Goshenite can be found in countries like China, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Pakistan, the United States,[3] and Madagascar.[5]


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