Duke of Lorraine and Bar (1517-1545)
Duke of Lorraine

Francis I (French: François Ier de Lorraine) (23 August 1517 – 12 June 1545) was Duke of Lorraine from 1544–1545.


Born in Nancy, Francis was the eldest son of Antoine, Duke of Lorraine and Renée de Bourbon,[1] daughter of Gilbert de Bourbon, Count of Montpensier. He was briefly engaged in the mid-1530s to Anne of Cleves,[2] who in 1540 would become the fourth wife of King Henry VIII of England. Their betrothal would be used by Henry to break his marriage to Anne after six short months.

On 10 July 1541, Francis married Princess Christina of Denmark in Brussels.[1] Princess Christina was a daughter of King Christian II and Isabella of Austria (who had herself been a potential bride of Henry VIII). Francis died at Remiremont in 1545, leaving Christina as the Regent of Lorraine and as the guardian of their young children.


By Christina of Denmark (c.1521 – 1590; married in 1541)

Name Birth Death Notes
Charles 1543 1608 married Claude of Valois and had issue.[1]
Renata 1544 1602 married William V, Duke of Bavaria and had issue.[3]
Dorothea 1545 1621 married in 1575, Eric II, Duke of Calenberg[4]



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Francis I, Duke of Lorraine
Born: 23 August 1517 Died: 12 June 1545
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