Chemical compound

Caesium sesquioxide is a chemical compound with the formula Cs2O3 or Cs4O6. In terms of oxidation states, Caesium in this compound has a nominal charge of +1, and the oxygen is a mixed peroxide (O22-) and superoxide (O2-) for a structural formula of (Cs+)4(O2-)2(O22-).[1] Compared to the other caesium oxides, this phase is less well studied,[2] but has been long present in the literature.[3] It can be created by thermal decomposition of caesium superoxide at 290 °C.[4]

The compound is often studied as an example of a Verwey type charge ordering transition at low temperatures.[5][6][7] There were some theoretical suggestions that Cs2O3 would be a ferromagnetic half metal,[8] but along with the closely related rubidium sesquioxide, experimental results found a magnetically frustrated system.[1] Below about 200 K, the structure changes to tegragonal symmetry.[9] Electron paramagnetic resonance and nuclear magnetic resonance measurements show a complicated low temperature magnetic behavior that depends on the orientation of the oxygen dimers and superexchange through the caesium atoms.[10]


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